About Us

We are a Full Service Foundation Repair Company

To discover what this means ask yourself one question: Does the problem I'm noticing originate beneath my feet? If the answer is Yes, then you are making the right decision in calling HOMECO.

We are Honest

At HOMECO our belief system makes it very simple for us to do the right thing. We take great pride in our award winning customer service and we view anything less than earning your respect with our attitude and great work ethic is not acceptable. We work for you as hard and smart as humanly possible!


We are Dependable

Whether it is a call from you as a potential client or a call from an established client just to say hello, all calls are treated equally and with equal importance. When you call HOMECO we will be here for you, period. Our appointments are kept without exception. We will be on time, short of an emergency, in which case you would be notified immediately. We realize how important your time is and will never waist it. We know how frustrating it can be waiting around for a contractor that doesn't have the courtesy to show up or call in advance. You have our word ONE CALL SETTLES IT!

We Take Great Pride in our Work

At HOMECO we aren't satisfied with anything less than perfection. We believe that quality shows on the surface as well as what's underneath. We love for people to check out our work because that's when we hear the compliments! We strive for excellence.

Our Goals

  1. We will provide the best service at the best price for every single homeowner that contacts us!
  2. We intend to raise the service and knowledge bar for the foundation repair industry in Central Tennessee.
  3. We hope to represent our Creator and our community to the very best of our ability EVERY SINGLE DAY, IN EVERY SINGLE WAY.

When you think FOUNDATION REPAIR, think HOMECO....and remember,"ONE CALL SETTLES IT!"